Everything exciting happens at iris!

It’s not everyday you see a helicopter land in the middle of a busy 4 way junction,

Check out the video below of just that happening not 50 feet from iris head office’ front doors.

our angle…. we think our video is pretty exciting, if you think you can top it then share your stories of exciting things you’ve seen, it can be anything from a bigfoot sighting to a herd of cows running across the motorway!

  • We’ll do anything to make sure Owen gets to his meetings on time, or home for dinner. Luke, you should video our runway on the other side of the offices next time… haha.

    Brill clip!

  • quality clip…

    it would sure beat the M6 Friday afternoon traffic if we could get company ‘copter’s …..now where that cap-ex authorisation form mmmm!!

  • Those lights were definitely on a red, the police just watched on and did nothing, it’s not right one rule for them and one for the rest of us.

  • DC

    The arrival of the board

  • Glad to see my Curry order was on time, can`t stand cold take a ways can you!!!

  • Next time we meet, I will ensure we clear the street my Lord!!!!

  • Bob

    I could do that. Easy. Piece of cake…..

  • wow, that is pretty cool… However, it doesn’t beat the fact I saw the abominable snowman in my garden last week!

  • thats one way to clear the gutters and leaves from the garden.