Fame at last!

Spotted in the local press – Phil Buczko

Proving that Owen does occassionally let us have the weekends off, our very owen Phil Buczko was spotted in the Oldham Evening Advertiser showing off his E-type in the Crompton & Shaw vintage car show.

Phil was keen to point out that he won’t be letting his new found celebrity status go to his head, we should still expect him to show up for work as usual, at least until the offers for after dinner speaking start rolling in.



  • Stu

    I knew you’d make it in the end Phil, I just knew it! I’m so proud of you! I bet your family are beside themselves with excitement…a famous Dad! What next? The Oldham Daily Advertiser? Or the Northern Weekly Showbiz Magazine? The world is your oyster hehe. Nah seriously, well done fella it’s a cracking car you’ve put together there pal.

  • DC

    Who refurbed this as Phil looks confused – yes thats an engine Phil!

    Is it true that he was bought that from new when he first passed his driving test – old g-t!

    • Phil Buczko

      Now that`s what I call an investment only problem is I should have bought 10, I`d be in the Carribean now, feet up, with a lovely blond to rub down, not my car!

  • Jo McGahan

    Well Phil, will you still talk to us after your new found fame – i could not be happier for you and it could not happen to a better person – who’s in the star next to you? Sly Stallone, Judy Garland – let us know!!

    • Phil Buczko

      For the record : I love you all at iris xx

  • Phil Buczko

    Only jealous because Rupert Murdoch has offered me a job with weekends off……Only cos he has no Job!

  • lukestafford

    I’m expecting Phil’s ‘Bono’ phase to come any day now, he’ll start showing up wearing sunglasses all the time, trying to convince us to throw some charity gigs in aid of an obscure problem in Northern Manchester.

  • Nice E-type, Phil! Would have been good to see you in one of those motorised rubby dinghy boat things… !