how not to drive a lamborghini

Well this looks rather embarrassing.

Step 1. Buy a vastly expensive (£150,000) Lamborghini Gallardo.

Step 2. Try a nice easy left turn.

Step 3. Oversteer and invent your very own game of traffic Tetris.

According to later reports, the only injury in the accident was the Lambo driver’s pride.


our angle… at least he was using his indicators, mirror, signal, manoeuvre!

  • Jenny

    Dear oh dear, when I get my Lamborghini Gallardo I will be much more careful! HAH

  • My favourite, a Lamborghini sandwich!

  • I have never seen such an anti-climatic accident like this in a knock (RTA to the techical among us), he must have been doing all of 20mph – “wot a lemon” (I mean the colour of the car of course).


  • Stan

    haha, I make Jim right! v.funny.

  • steve

    at least the indicator was on…