Planning ahead – iris’ flood action plan

With floods affecting much of the North of England & Wales and creeping down into the Midlands there is concern within the iris central team over how exactly we’d get into the office if we found ourselves suddenly under 10 feet of water!

A few ideas have been banded about including:

  • company jet-skis (dismissed due to cost)
  • company pedalos (dismissed due to style)
  • a company ark (dismissed due to none of us having an impressive enough Noah-beard)
  • and company speedos & swimming caps (dismissed due to nobody wanting to see any of us in a pair of budgie smugglers).

Being set the task of finding the optimum method of flood based transport I stumbled across the following video…


Being the sort of company that likes to plan ahead we’ve already started trying to source a fire engine for company use. Unfortunately the only one’s I’ve been able to find are either fairly busy fighting fires and don’t appreciate having their time wasted or are only suitable for ages 3-7.

Oh well, back to the drawing board! All suggestions welcome!



  • Jo McGahan

    the mind boggles at the thought of the Iris team in speedos!! especially if Jim is visiting!!! i think a more sensible mode of transport would be the company speed boat of course – just speak to Owen!

  • Stu

    Haha! Not sure what the driver was trying to achieve turning his windscreen wipers on whilst submerged in water, great video!