The world’s fastest couch

When is a couch not really a couch?

When that couch is powered by an internal combustion engine. Or when you need a full leather race suit, gloves, boots and a helmet to sit on it. Or when it requires an attached front desk to serve as an aerodynamic element. Or when you need an airport runway to take it up to its top speed.

Proving that people have literally done every possible thing imaginable to get into that famous book of records, there already was a record for the World’s Fastest Couch.

So, just how fast is the World’s Fastest Couch? How about 101 miles per hour? Yeah, that’s fast… for a couch. Check out the video below to see the official attempt to beat the record.

our angle.. .If you’re splitting hairs, I suppose there’s nothing in the actual definition of the word couch that precludes the addition of an engine, and I also suppose the truly far-out-there among us could indeed use such a piece of furniture in their living room. I still don’t reckon you’ll be seeing them replace the good old car any time soon though.

  • DC

    Noisey – yep, Windy – yep, Unstable – yep

    However quite practicle especially on those long days when stuck in traffic or if fitted with the optional extra of cruise control – lean back, stretch out and put your feet up 🙂

    Do they offer matching cushions!

  • Homer

    Does it have a bum rut and somewhere to put my can of Duff? Doh!