with life so busy and access to information so overwhelming, iris have a series of podcast available to make it easier to get some insight, opinion and views.

there will be a continued series of insightful business topics delivered by industry guru’s, iris personnel and from anyone with a unique or insightful view to our industry. we would also like to use the medium to share personal passions from anyone willing to participate.

iris podcasts – coming to a set of speakers near you.

call us on 01789 761337 or email us on

Steve Masters of BeeBee Refinishing Supplies Ltd

Smart Repair & Technical Training

Steve provides his viewpoint on the increased demand for smart repair as well as the importance of technical training.

Owen Stafford – Managing Director

Owen’s evolution

Owen gives his views on the rebranding of iris and how this brave move has impacted on the iris proposition.

David Murby of Numina Consulting

From where I’m standing...

Feature length interview with David Murby of Numina Consulting

David provides his perspective on the growing case of independent bodyshop groups and how they fit in to the accident repair market.

twitter: (@davidmurby)

Bryan Young

Vehicle repair the itas way

Bryan offers opinion on the reparability of vehicles from a vehicle manufacturers perspective.

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